Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About department

Mechatronics – a branch of science and technology based on the systematic integration of precision mechanics, sensors of the environment and the object itself, energy sources, actuators, amplifiers, computing devices (computers and microprocessors). Mechatronics is one of the newest engineering specialties in the world. Mechatronics is one of the ten most popular and promising technical specialties in the world.

Department prepares graduates in the areas of “Mechatronics APV”, “Quality, standardization and certification” and “Machine parts and lifting -transport machines”.

Training is based on knowledge of disciplines “Mechatronics APV”, “Mechatronics of machines and units”, “Robotic systems and complexes APV”, “Analysis and synthesis of mechatronic systems”, “Information and intelligent systems APV”, “Details of machines and hoisting and transport machines”, “Applied Computer-Aided Design in Creo Parametric”, “Construction Engineering”, “Interchangeability, Standardization, and Technical Measurements”, “Quality, Standardization and Certification”, “Quality Management”, “Product Conformity Assessment”, “Product Quality and Safety” APV “,” Metrology “, etc.

Research activities of the department: mathematical description of mechatronics, robotic systems, quality management systems, machine parts, and hoisting and transport machines. Their analysis by computer simulation methods; development of new methods of control and design of systems, conducting experimental research.

Design activities: definition and formalization of tasks, requirements for system components, development of individual subsystems and devices, including structural elements, drives, information sensors, microprocessor control devices; organization of multicomponent systems, including mechatronic devices, works, and elements of technological equipment; software development for solving management and design problems.

Operational activities: adjustment, testing, and modernization of mechatronic and robotic devices and systems, their reprogramming, training, and integration into automated systems PLM, MES, etc., maintaining them in working order.

Organizational and managerial activities: organization of teamwork, management decisions, technical control over the work of the production site using mechatronic and robotic devices, analysis and provision of the necessary economic indicators of production activities.

Graduates of the department are in demand in all high-tech enterprises, where the design, production and operation of qualitatively new competitive mechatronic modules and systems with intelligent control.

The department actively cooperates with Kharkiv Tractor Plant, LKMZ LLC, UKBTSh LLC, etc.