Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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About the department

The Department of Materials Technology was founded during the organization of HIMA in 1930. In different years the department was headed by associate professors N. Komar, A. Petrovskyi, M. Chupis, M. Ivanov, A. Zhukov, M. Dubko, Yu. Smirnov, M. Tatarintsev, professor I. Kuvarzin, associate professor P. Huzhin, professor M. Pylypenko.

Since September 2008, the department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Tryshevskyi O.I.

The department has several educational and scientific laboratories, and a workshop for educational practice, which includes a metalwork section, a blacksmith and foundry section, a section for soldering metals with hard and soft solders, a section for welding metals. The department has 23 metalworking machines, 12 units of welding equipment (machines for contact, butt and seam welding, welding transformers, and rectifiers), 6 furnaces for melting and heating metal, 11 devices for measuring the hardness of metals, 5 explosive machines of various types, 8 metallographic and measuring microscopes, 2 hydraulic presses, and other scientific and educational equipment.

The main location of the department – Moskovsky Avenue, 45, room. 210

The department teaches the following disciplines:

  • Technological bases of mechanical engineering;
  • The latest technologies in modern engineering;
  • Construction materials technology;
  • Technology of manufacturing of working bodies of agricultural machinery;
  • Materials Science and TCM;
  • Materials Science;
  • Technological processes for CNC machines.

Educational and technological practice is also carried out in order to provide students with practical skills, using the technological processes of repair production in the field of materials technology.

The teaching staff of the department has made a significant contribution to the development of domestic science in the field of increasing the durability of machine parts, machining of difficult-to-process materials, technologies of the foundry, and rolling production.

Today the department conducts research and development of filter systems for cleaning liquids, as well as for the separation of water and oils from compressed gases using highly porous materials.

In the field of metal processing by pressure at the department researches of technology of deformation strengthening of bent rolled profiles for agricultural mechanical engineering by a method of roll forming is carried out. The technology of deformation strengthening of flat sections of high-quality, sheet and special bent rolled sections is developed. On the basis of the mathematical models created at the department, the heat exchange processes at hot rolling of a thin sheet are investigated, recommendations on improvement of the process of rolling with the accelerated cooling are given.

In the framework of the development of new innovative technologies, the last two years special attention has been paid to the possibility of increasing the operational stability of thin-walled cutting tools for food processing industries. In particular, a set of works was performed for the Kharkivyanka confectionery factory.

The department also conducts work related to the development of new progressive areas of research on the structure and properties of metal alloys through non-destructive testing. Employees of the department have developed and implemented new methods of mathematical processing of metallographic images that allow them to determine with high accuracy, including the structural components of high-alloy metal alloys with high inhomogeneity. Soon, the department plans to perform a set of research works on the theoretical and experimental justification of new effective processes to increase the operational stability of high-carbon steel products by strengthening heat treatment.

The staff of the department maintains close creative ties with the Ukrainian State Research Coal Chemical Institute “UKHIN”, SSTC “Energostal”, research and production company “Philsey”, CJSC PCTB “Electrotechmontazh”, CJSC “Manometer”, PE “MEKAP”. Kharkiv, Donbas Mining and Metallurgical Institute, SPE “ANTEK-Automation” Severodonetsk, SPE “Promzvyaz” Odesa, OJSC “Stinolbiotech”, LLC “Thunderstorm”, Kyiv and other research institutions and industrial enterprises. In recent years, the department has concluded and implemented business agreements with all these enterprises, or agreements on creative cooperation, within which specific research and development was performed.

Students and undergraduates take an active part in the research of the department in all areas. The result of their research is numerous publications in professional journals, participation in All-Ukrainian and International scientific conferences, victories in industry competitions of student research papers, competitions, defense of diploma projects.