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Project “Startup.KhNTUA”

We invite you!

From March 1, 2021, the Department of Marketing and Media Communications of KhNTUA organizes the beginning of classes on the project “Startup.KhNTUA”. Classes will be conducted by certified trainers. At the end of the course, all participants receive certificates. Are waiting for you!

Format – online (Google Meet platforms, Zoom)

Registration and detailed information –

Participation is free!


The project “Startup.KhNTUA” provides interesting, relevant, and useful information for future marketers (and not only).

Through the implementation of this project you will learn:

  1. Organizational approach to project management.
  2. Plan and analyze the project life cycle.
  3. Manage risks and changes in the project.
  4. Raise investment capital.
  5. Create a project team.
  6. Manage the quality and evaluate the effectiveness of the project.
  7. Develop a financial plan for the project.
  8. Define a time frame for the project and allocate resources efficiently.
  9. Use project management software.
  10. Create a project information support network.



  1. Acquaintance. What is a project? What problems should he solve? Priorities of project work. Why work on your own project is interesting.
  2. How to start your own project. How to start a project in crisis? Where to look for opportunities in a crisis? Trends of 2020. Where to find an idea? How to understand that the idea will work?
  3. The uniqueness of the project. How to create a project that will be different from others. Project strategy. Launch of new formats. Business competitiveness. How to create a product? How to find a unique trade offer? Is it worth borrowing the experience of competitors?
  4. Basics of marketing. What you need to know at the start to create a marketing communication. How to research the market? How to analyze the product: rebuilding strengths and weaknesses. Marketing strategy.
  5. Where to look for clients for the project. Who will your new project be aimed at? The target audience of the project. Analysis of the needs of the target audience of the project.
  6. Creating a project brand. What are the components of branding. What is definitely needed for the project to start, and what can be postponed until it grows. How to profitably emphasize the best ideas and opportunities of the project?
  7. Business model of the project. How to create your business model, what to consider at the start of the project. What to do before starting a project.
  8. Project finance. Budget planning and project financing. How to calculate the start-up capital of the project. How to optimize the financial costs of the project. How to start a project with minimal investment.
  9. Sale of the project. How to start the project implementation process. How to get the first customer. To whom and how to sell your project. Options and sales channels. How will the audience learn about your project? How to declare yourself. Methods of PR-communication at the start of the project. What ways to promote the project should be used.
  1. Project team. How many people are needed to start the project. Where to find people for the project team. How to choose employees who fit your project. HR management skills.
  2. Legal aspects. How to register a project. What you need to know about taxes. What documentation is needed for the project at the start?
  3. Market entry strategy. The vision of the project in the short and long term. Market entry planning and its components. The first steps after entering the market. Project development tips.