Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Creative Marketing Lab-Hub Project

Practically at each department of our university the student centers of a scientific, research, humanitarian or other orientation are created and successfully function.

For students, this is a place where they can feel quite free, discussing with faculty members and honored guests the boldest hypotheses and suggestions, expressing their opinions, arguing and defending their own point of view.

For marketers of KhNTUA, such a place was the scientific circle “Creative Marketing Lab-Hub”, the activity and effectiveness of which depends solely on the activity and ingenuity of students who are happy to visit it since its inception.

For teachers of the Department of Marketing and Media Communications, the determining factor is the fact that this place is always full of creative ideas and suggestions. No wonder the founders and inspirers of the scientific circle, along with its first visitors, chose this name.

The purpose of the student scientific group is to deepen research on the issues of scientific activity of the department, students acquire skills of analytical and research work in the field of marketing, advertising, and media communications, etc.

The main tasks of this student research group are the involvement of gifted students, the organization of their research work, an in-depth study of professional disciplines.


Supervisor  «Creative Marketing Lab-Hub» – Mandych Oleksandra, Doctor of Economics, Professor


  1. Innovation Marketing
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Digital Marketing and Digital Technology
  4. Copywriting