Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Material base

There is everything for the highest quality presentation of material for students, such as classrooms:

The name of the roomHousing address№ room,
Area, m2
post. seats
1Office of the head of the departmentMoscow Avenue, 4530111,31
2SDA laboratoryMoscow Avenue, 4530212560
3Laboratory of Environmental Protection TechnologiesMoscow Avenue, 4530388,654
4Courtroom (auditorium for practical tasks)Moscow Avenue, 4530487,250
5Industrial Safety LaboratoryMoscow Avenue, 4530558,530
6Technogenic safety laboratoryMoscow Avenue, 4530659,335
7Teaching “Law Section”Moscow Avenue, 4530734,310
8Certification centerMoscow Avenue, 45307А163
9Cabinet of legal issuesMoscow Avenue, 4530857,834
10Laboratory “Analysis of legal issues in agriculture”Moscow Avenue, 4530983,658
11Life Safety LaboratoryMoscow Avenue, 4531139,325
12Teaching “Life Safety Section”Moscow Avenue, 4531239,510
13Civil Defense LaboratoryMoscow Avenue, 45213