Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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  • Duiunova T. – 14П
  • Pivnenko L. – 24П
  • Pereverzieva L. – 34П

Plan of events by the curators of the department “Life Safety and Law”

1. MeetingSeptember-JunePereverzieva L.
Duiunova T.
Kovach D.
Pivnenko L.
2. Results of the results of passing modules, tests, examsNovember-December
3. Participation of students in the celebration of “Mechanics Day”SeptemberPereverzieva L.
4. Participation of 1st year students 14П in the holiday “Debut of a freshman”September-OctoberPereverzieva L.
Pivnenko L.
5. Visiting by students of exhibitions, expositions of a museumSeptember-JunePereverzieva L.

Duiunova T.

Kovach D.

Pivnenko L.

6. Conducting conversations with students in the educational and legal directionSeptember-JuneDuiunova T.
Pivnenko L.
7. Conducting conversations with students about criminal statusSeptember-JuneDuiunova T.
8. Conduct conversations with students on “healthy lifestyle”
“Ecological situation in Ukraine”
“Life safety is the key to longevity”
March-AprilPereverzieva L.