Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Student design bureau

    Scientific work of students in the student design bureau is carried out under the guidance of Ph.D., prof. Kundenko M. at the Department of IETP of institute of ECT for the search for new materials and energy-saving technologies in microclimate maintenance systems and improvement of solar systems for heating the coolant.

The composition of the Student design bureau:

  1. Kaliberda Yehor
  2. Shevchenko Dmytro
  3. Tuzko Andrii
  4. Pikh Yevhen
  5. Borysenko Ivan

     A creative contract has been signed with the private company KARNO, which is a representative of the ALTEK brand. Students are engaged in the design, manufacture and research of solar collectors, in order to increase efficiency. solar installations and reduction of production costs.

     The laboratory base of the department is used for conducting experimental researches.