Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Cooperation of the IETP department with the stakeholders of the educational program 163 – biomedical engineering

     On February 11, 2020, first-year students majoring in 163 Biomedical Engineering together with their curator Shynkarenko I. and head of practice Borodai I. visited the My Pet Veterinary Center. It is one of the most prestigious clinics in Kharkiv in the field of veterinary medicine to provide a wide range of services. These are therapeutic services, surgery, ultrasound, X-ray, traumatology and orthopedics, reproductive medicine, intensive care, as well as a set of hygienic procedures. The center is equipped with the latest ultrasound diagnostic equipment, digital X-ray and laboratory diagnostic equipment.

       An open lecture was held in the format of the excursion as part of the training practice. The lecture was given by the chief physician of the clinic, surgeon, orthopedist – traumatologist Riazantsev Mykola. The students got acquainted with the range of services provided by the clinic for its patients, got acquainted with the principle of modern digital X-ray equipment and its advantages, got acquainted, and even tried to diagnose the study of organ structure on a mobile ultrasound machine. Riazantsev Mykola noted that today there is a shortage of biomedical engineering specialists in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are not enough highly qualified biomedical engineers in the labor market to meet the needs that arise during the operation and operation of biomedical equipment. Therefore, I wish success in teaching our students.