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Internship for 3rd year students at a factory in Poland

Internship for 3rd year students at a factory in Poland

   3rd year students of the Institute of ECT Manchenko Andrii and Deineka Vladyslav underwent an internship for 3 months in Poland at the DAMEL plant in Dabrowa Gornicza.

   It is a city in the Silesian Voivodeship, home to about 5 million people and has a highly developed industry due to the discovery of large deposits of coal in the second half of the 18th century. The outskirts of the city are rich in forests and lakes, namely 4 lakes Pogoria. Here is the landscape park Gnizda, Mount Sokil with numerous caves and amazing rock formations. In the city itself there are 6 park zones. The town of Dabrowa Gornicza is rich in historical and architectural monuments: Church of the Mother of God and St. Anthony of Padua, Trzebisławicach Chapel (18th century), Church of St. Barbara (mid-20th century), St. Catherine’s Chapel, Dabrowa Synagogue, bank townhouses, XVIII century), the city museum “Sztygarka”, the historical estate of workers in the gorge Bytomki, Basilica of Anthony (neo-Gothic style) – the highest church in Silesia, the Church of St. Joseph (modern) in Zabrze, the wooden Church of St. Valentine in Bieruń. This is only a small part of what you can see in Dabrowa Gornicza. There are many factories and plants in Dabrowa. One of them is Damel SA, which we worked on. The city has 4 cinemas and 9 museums. You can have great fun by visiting the water park “Nemo – Water World”. It is one of the largest and most beautiful water parks in Poland. Pleases the variety of hotels in Dabrowa Gornicza. There are cheap hotels, luxury palaces and business hotels. We lived in one of them, where we were settled by the company we worked for.

Internship for 3rd year students at a factory in PolandInternship for 3rd year students at a factory in PolandInternship for 3rd year students at a factory in Poland

  DAMEL began operations in 1940 and has always been involved in the mining industry; at first it was a branch enterprise, where electric machines and control equipment are repaired, then in 1950 it received the status of an independent state enterprise. Since 1956, the company is the largest enterprise in Poland for the repair of electric machines for the mining industry. In 1978, along with repair work, “DAMEL” began production of specialized electric motors and control equipment for mining equipment, designed for both domestic and foreign manufacturers. In December 2003, DAMEL was privatized.

  DAMEL manufactures electric motors (including specially designed), electromagnetic iron separators and other electrical machines and devices, provides services for high-voltage and low-voltage electric machines, transformers, as well as repairs and diagnostics of electric machines.

 In the first week we were shown all the processes at the plant. At first we were given a special form, because without it it is impossible to be at the enterprise.

 In the first shop we watched how large parts of the engine were turned: shafts, bearing plates, covers, collector and armature parts. All these parts of the electric machine are machined on metal-cutting machines.

Internship for 3rd year students at a factory in PolandInternship for 3rd year students at a factory in PolandInternship for 3rd year students at a factory in Poland

   Then we were shown how to assemble a winding for electric machines. First, the coils are wound with a round wire with enamel insulation, followed by laying the winding in the grooves of the stator core. Then the molding of the front parts, bandaging, control of the electrical strength of the insulation, impregnation and drying of the stator winding.

   ОThe winding is made in the form of separate coils (sections), on which the housing insulation is applied. The section gets a rigid rectangular shape and fits into the grooves of the core. In grooves the section is fixed by a wedge, frontal parts are formed, bandaged, control of electric durability of isolation is carried out.

  Also before starting work, we took a course on “Safety”. It necessarily. Workers are very responsible for the safety of workers at work. We were thoroughly tested for knowledge, then we were sent for a medical examination to a local hospital and only then allowed to work.

Internship for 3rd year students at a factory in PolandInternship for 3rd year students at a factory in Poland

  We worked in the assembly department, where we had to assemble the parts and the engines themselves. At first we were entrusted only to paint the parts inside the engine, but then there were more and more different assembly processes. And finally, we could perform all the processes that a specialist needs to know. Although some complex processes were performed under the supervision of more experienced colleagues.

  Begin assembly by placing the winding, which is assembled in another department in the stator housing. This process can only be performed by a few employees and we have helped them. The winding with a special hook, which is attached to the tap, is placed in the housing and centered, turn the motor and press the winding to the end.

  Then also with the help of a crane install the rotor. This is done carefully so as not to damage the stator core. Then the terminal box is assembled, of which there is a great variety, depending on the engine power.

  We completely assembled everything, except for the largest complex boxes, which consist of three large departments: they are always assembled by several employees.

  At first you need to grind and zinc individual parts of the ground to protect against corrosion. Next, the box is painted with two coats of paint and begin to assemble the scheme..

   Then mount the box to the body, connect the necessary wires, fasten with screws. You also need to assemble two covers, which also have simple diagrams. They are connected to the rotor and attached to the housing. The next step is to install the bearings. The inner bearing holder is heated and fastened quickly. At the end, glue all the plates and screw all the covers, some install a fan, which is closed with a protective housing.

All processes are inspected by several supervisors and the supervisor, each part is inspected in the technical control department, and at the end the engine is transferred to the testing laboratory.

After a good job, Poles like to have a good rest. The company provides many free or cheaper trips to various interesting places, we were invited to one of these events. It was a bus ride to the Beskids to the ski slope, where we were treated to traditional sausages and soup. We had a great time there and returned to work with new strength.

Internship for 3rd year students at a factory in PolandInternship for 3rd year students at a factory in Poland

During the internship we studied asynchronous motors and DC motors, as well as learned to assemble them. We got acquainted with the work of a large enterprise, got acquainted with the wonderful staff of the Damel plant and the culture of Poland.

Returning to Ukraine, we will study the theory in order to work more productively and have higher qualifications in the future.