Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Disciplines of the department

1.    Levkina Ruslana


  1. Currency market and currency transactions
  2. Fundamentals of Commodity Science
  3. Global and regional markets
  4. Commodity (food and non-food)
  5. International Trade and Business Management
  6. Entrepreneurship in FEA
2. Hirzheva Olha


  1. Finance and credit
  2. Commodity Market Infrastructure
  3. Business Economics
  4. Entrepreneurial activity in AIP
  5. Operational management of trade and exchange activities
3. Kolomiiets Nataliia.
  1. Corporate social responsibility and economic security of business entities
  2. Modeling the development of the commodity and stock market
  3. Trading Strategies
  4. Basics of entrepreneurship and starting your own business
  5. AIP Business Strategies and Development
  6. Managing Strategic Development in Business and Commerce
  7. Efficiency of innovation
  8. Trade activities of AIP entities
4. Petrenko Anna


  1. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  2. Venture business
  3. Information and analytical support of innovation in the agro-industrial sphere
  4. Quality management in business
5.    Khloponina-Hnatenko Olha


  1. Contractual relations in business
  2. Service business
  3. Marking, falsification and customs clearance of agricultural products
  4. Business History
  5. Leadership, business partnership
  6. Business Risks
  7. Business planning and performance evaluation
  8. Management of intellectual entrepreneurship in the agro-industrial sphere
6.    Riasnianska Alona
  1. Exchanges and Exchange Activities
  2. Stock Analysis
  3. Commodity and stock market
  4. Business Competitiveness Management
  5. Trucking Company Management (MSM)
  6. Methodology and organization of scientific research
  7. Product Innovation Policy
  8. Basics of trading and exchange activities
  9. Evaluation activities
10.  Kotko Yana
  1. Trade Technologies
  2. Introduction
  3. World trade in agricultural products