Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Department of Agricultural Machinery (AM)

Department of Agricultural Machinery – a leading department that trains future experts in the field of agricultural machinery.

Scientific directions of the department: development of new technologies and technical means in agricultural reclamation and vegetable growing; vibroseparation, development and substantiation of parameters of working bodies of tillage machines and seeders. The team performed fundamental research on the dynamics of vibrating seed cleaning machines and the theory of vibroseparation. The new physical and mechanical properties of the components of seed mixtures of agricultural crops have been studied, the optimal modes of movement of the working bodies of vibrating seed cleaning machines for cleaning and sorting seeds with its adjustment to high sowing conditions have been established.

The department cooperates with a number of research, educational and production institutions, which allows to implement the latest advances in science and technology in the educational process and scientific activities.

Kozachenko Oleksii

Kozachenko Oleksii

Head of the department, professor, Ph.D.