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Defense of qualification works by masters-scientists in the ESI ECT

On May 25 and 26, 2021, the Institute of ECT hosted the defense of qualification works of master-scientists in the specialty 141 “Electric Power, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics”. According to the educational program of this level, 10 applicants studied, who successfully passed the competitive tests in 2020. The defense of qualifying works was carried out on a mixed system, most students expressed a desire to defend remotely using the Google Meet service.

As a result of the defense of works, all applicants showed excellent presentations, well-prepared reports, and confidently answered questions from members of the examination board.

By a unanimous decision of the commission, all students received grades “excellent”, and candidates Chala Nadia, Bugay Pavlo, Omelchenko Vitaliy, and Plotnikova Yana received diplomas with honors.

One of the best qualifying works was the work of Chala Nadia, devoted to experimental research and forecasting of electricity generation by a solar power plant. With her research, Nadiya participated in the second round of the All-Ukrainian competitions of student research papers in 2021 at two universities: Kryvyi Rih National University and Dnipro State Technical University, and received two diplomas of the second degree.

ESI ECT is proud of its graduates and wishes them success, happiness, and prosperity.

Directorate of the ESI ECT