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All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine 30. Education and Science” continues

The All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine 30. Education and Science” is taking place in Ukraine, which is attended by heads of state, people’s deputies, representatives of science and education, public figures, and other stakeholders. You can follow the work of the Forum by following this link: 

Yesterday, speaking at the Forum, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Serhiy Shkarlet called an extremely large group of stakeholders in Ukraine, which is making efforts to develop education on a global scale.

“The group of stakeholders in educational and scientific policy is extremely large, as it covers more than 65% of the population of Ukraine. If we talk about education, it is 1.3 million preschoolers, more than 4 million schoolchildren, 1.6 million students, about 300 thousand students of vocational education institutions, 18 million parents, more than 600 thousand employees of educational institutions, and a number of our citizens, which are generally immersed in the educational process, “- said Sergei Shkarlet.

All-Ukrainian Forum "Ukraine 30. Education and Science" continues

“We must make efforts to move positive history to tutor in the state, to the return of acquired knowledge in the economy of the state, in general – in society. We must form a new wave of development of our state so that tomorrow, not 17, 20, 25, but 35, 40% of scientists will return from abroad”, – noted the Minister.

e added that today famous Ukrainians who studied abroad have returned to Ukraine and are involved in scientific processes.

Serhiy Shkarlet stressed that it is necessary to concentrate all work with all stakeholders: educators, scientists, parents, business donors, and international experts.

“If we want our state to develop, it must be based on world experience. We have every opportunity, led by the President, to implement the ideas of a new educational trajectory, a new public demand for education. And we are implementing all this,” –  Serhiy Shkarlet stressed.

The President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anatoliy Zagorodnyy, in turn, spoke about the levels of achievements of world science and achievements of Ukrainian scientists. “World science is developing rapidly. Society invests enormous funds in its development and science thanks humanity with new knowledge about nature. Basic research is of special importance”, – he noted.

Among the most important scientific achievements, Anatoly Zagorodny called the discovery of the Higgs boson, DNA editing to prevent genetic diseases, the discovery of gravitational waves, progress in the development of artificial intelligence, landing on comets and Mars.

“Ukraine’s science, despite the difficulties, occupies a worthy place among the world’s leading countries, and in several studies – even among the leaders. For example, Ukrainians participate in creating and implementing scientific experiments on the Large Hadron Collider”, he added.

“We have the support of international partners in implementing plans and consolidating efforts. The discovery was the President’s idea of an All-Ukrainian online school, which has been continued, improved, and transformed into a modern and full-fledged online platform through the consolidation of efforts. If we continue to move in this direction, all our plans will be realized much faster, ” – said Alisa Lyalina, Head of Education and Science at the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Serhiy Babak, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Science and Innovation, joined the All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine 30. Education and Science”. He outlined the main steps for the development of education in the global dimension. In particular, they talked about the exchange of experience, access to foreign universities in Ukraine, the introduction of scholarships.

“For the development of education in the global dimension to take place effectively, we must pay attention primarily to the exchange of experiences at the international level: the study of students abroad,” – said Sergei Babak.

It was the second day of the Forum, the event will last in Kyiv until June 2.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.