Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
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Advanced training of specialists in the field of bakery products of Ukraine

According to the orders of the Rector of the University № 29 / 1-04 / 05 and № 29 / 1-04 / 15 for specialists of SE “Bread Base № 73”, LLC “APK” NOVAVAGRO”, LLC” DVORICHANSKE-AGRO “in the Institute of Postgraduate Education were held short-term refresher courses on the program: “Methods for determining the quality of the grain, legumes, and oilseeds.”

Active participation in conducting classes for students Institute of Postgraduate Education took an active part: director of the institute postgraduate education A. Autukhov, Head of the Department of Technologies of Processing and Food Production T. Gavrish and associate professor of the department Fomina I.

Classes were held in the mode of online meetings through the Google Meet service, also, part of the material was processed by students themselves, which they liked, because it allows you to independently organize the time and duration of training.

Issues were considered during the courses:

  • General mandatory grain quality indicators.
  • Methods for determining the quality indicators of cereals and legumes.
  • Methods for determining the quality of oilseeds.
  • Current issues of legal support for quantitative and qualitative accounting of grain and products of its processing in grain warehouses and grain processing enterprises.

Upon completion of the training, students received certificates of advanced training.

О.В. Dubrova, the Methodist of Institute of Postgraduate Education