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Practice of students of the ESI MMS, educational program “Agronomy”

On February 15, 2021, first-year students of KhNTUA of ESI of Mechanotronics and Management Systems of the educational program “Agronomy” specialty 201 “Agronomy”, in the framework of educational and introductory practice (head of practice Ph.D., associate professor Valentyna Bezpalko) with the participation of the director Mechanotronics and Management Systems ”Ph.D., Professor Vlasovets Vitaliy visited the NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CENTER «INSTITUTE FOR SOIL SCIENCE AND AGROCHEMISTRY RESEARCH NAMED AFTER O.N. SOKOLOVSKY» where they received practical work skills. The internship was conducted by the head of the laboratory of the Department of Soil Resources, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher Vadim Solovey and Senior Researcher Olga Nazarenko. During the tour, students acquired practical skills in determining the profiles of soil zones of Ukraine. We visited the laboratory of instrumental methods of soil research, metrology, and standardization. This laboratory conducts a chemical and analytical analysis of soils, determines macro and microelements, organic matter, mobile forms of phosphorus and potassium according to Chirikov. Students participated in determining the pH of the salt composition of the aqueous extract and hydrolytic acidity of the soil.

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